While Electric Vehicles Proliferate, Charging Stations Lag Behind

While Electric Vehicles Proliferate, Charging Stations Lag Behind

May 30, 2022 by Wallt Street Journal

Key Facts

  • THE WHITE HOUSE PREPARES TO GIVE STATES MORE MONEY TO DEVELOP EV CHARGERS, BUT MANY STILL HAVEN’T USED THEIR PAST FUNDING U.S. efforts to build a national network of electric vehicle charging stations are moving slowly as states figure out how to fairly dole out public funding to kick-start a new service industry.
  • As the Biden administration prepares to give states $7.5 billion for new charging stations, a similar recent effort suggests a difficult path is ahead.
  • States received $424 million that could be used for charging stations as part of a $2.8 billion settlement by Volkswagen AG VOW 4.16%?
  • So far, more than four years later, they have spent about 48% of those charging dollars.

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