Food price rises could increase allotment waiting times

Food price rises could increase allotment waiting times

May 26, 2022 by BBC News - Scotland

Key Facts

  • By Ashleigh Keenan-Bryce BBC Scotland News Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Many people in Scotland have been waiting more than 10 years for an allotment Rising food prices could put even more pressure on waiting lists for Scottish allotments, according to a gardening charity.
  • Image source, Chelsea Lowe Image caption, It is likely that at least 10,000 Scots are on a waiting list for an allotment to grow their own produce Mr Crawford said he hoped the inquiry would encourage councils to take the matter seriously.
  • He added: "With what has happened in Ukraine, causing issues globally with the provision and price of food, perhaps, just perhaps, there will be more encouragement for people to be a little more self-sufficient."
  • Despite allotment waiting lists growing significantly, Ms Lowe said she had seen no increase in the amount of land allocated to allotments.

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