Elon Musk pleads with advertisers to stay on Twitter

Elon Musk pleads with advertisers to stay on Twitter

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  • 02:26 - Source: CNN CNN — Twitter owner Elon Musk pleaded with advertisers to keep using his platform on Wednesday as he sketched out his plans for user verification, content moderation and even his intention to add banking features to Twitter in front of a live audience of over 100,000 users.
  • Twitter will eventually default to displaying tweets from Twitter Blue subscribers, while tweets from users who do not pay for a blue check mark, he said, would be relegated to a separate page on the site and effectively buried unless viewers sought out that material.
  • He did not go into specifics about a separate, gray verification badge Twitter is developing for major brands, government accounts and media outlets — a feature the company has said will not be available for purchase but rather bestowed on high-profile accounts to distinguish them from those who paid for blue check marks.
  • Over time, Musk added, Twitter will offer the ability for users to transfer money out of its system to third-party banks — and then to market its own banking services.

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