No diplomatic off-ramp in sight for Russia's war in Ukraine

No diplomatic off-ramp in sight for Russia's war in Ukraine

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  • Washington CNN — With Russia’s war in Ukraine now in its third week, US and European officials have little optimism that the diplomatic channels can deliver a way out of the conflict at this point.
  • While Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday there had been “certain positive advances” in negotiations with Ukraine, US and European officials and diplomats who spoke to CNN all expressed deep skepticism about the state of talks.
  • “A variety of different countries can try to shape things as they would like, but at the end of the day, this will likely boil down to what President Zelensky is willing to accept and what President Putin is willing to accept,” said a senior State Department official.
  • The Biden administration is in touch with all of the countries that have been talking with Putin and Zelensky in recent weeks and has no plans to engage directly with Putin anytime soon, officials said.

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