5th grader raises $2,000 for grieving teacher

Ralston 5th grader raises $2,000 for grieving, struggling teacher

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  • He was happiest when he was outside, and he only got that for a couple months," Rhods said.
  • "Out of the 5-and-a-half months that he was alive, he was home for two of them."In November, Caden caught a common cold which led to a fever and a high heart rate."Everything escalated super quickly," Rhods said
  • So far this school year, she has spent a lot of time out of the classroom to be by Caden's side."You're trying to be there for your son and for my two other kids I have at home and then I'm also trying to be there for my students," she said
  • With the help of her mom, Case was able to create a GoFundMe, raising $2,000 for her favorite teacher."I thought it would just be, not like to $2,000.

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