CNN Political Briefing

CNN Political Briefing

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  • He joins CNN Political Director David Chalian to discuss what he's learned about the people fighting fake news, and whether there are ways of preventing it.
  • Visit Mar 8, 2024 22 mins The Power of the “Uncommitted” Voter CNN Political Briefing Former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden won big at their respective Michigan primaries, as predicted.
  • Ashely Allison, CEO of the Turner Conoly Group and former White House senior policy adviser, joins CNN Political Director David Chalian to talk about what the Biden campaign can do to keep these voters on his side.
  • Visit Feb 16, 2024 21 mins The Trials of Donald Trump CNN Political Briefing This week the Supreme Court heard a landmark case about whether former president and current Republican front-runner Donald Trump should be allowed on the ballot this year.

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