0% intro APR until 2023 is 100% insane

Wells Fargo Reflect Card Review

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Key Facts

  • 99% to 24.99% variable APR thereafter; balance transfers made within 120 days qualify for the intro rate and fee of 3% then a BT fee of up to 5%, min $5 $0 Annual Fee Get up to $600 of cell phone protection when you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your eligible Wells Fargo card (subject to a $25 deductible).
  • HOW TO ERASE $2,249 OF INTEREST CHARGES Here's a hypothetical comparison of how you could save $2,249 of interest charges by putting your finances first and paying off transferred debt or purchase balances during the 0% intro APR period, versus paying off balances at a 19% APR: Debt Balance Scenario Monthly Payment APR offer Interest Charges Months to Pay Off $10,000, promo APR $477 0%, 21 months $0 21 $10,000, no promo APR $477 19% on all balances $2,249 26 *Your approved card APR may vary from 19%.
  • PRO TIP To get the most value out of this card, it is best to make any balance transfers during the intro fee period so that you have a lower balance transfer fee to pay.
  • The lucrative 21 month 0% intro APR on purchases is a smart move if you have big expenses coming up or you need to spread out the cost of purchases over time, yet still avoid interest on them (but remember to pay it off before you start accumulating interest).

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