Uber Eats launches robot delivery service in Miami

Uber Eats launches robot delivery service in Miami

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  • This is her story 02:39 Now playing - Source: CNN Business Zuckerberg critical of Apple and App Store practices 04:04 Now playing - Source: CNN Crypto's golden boy says he 'didn't ever try to commit fraud' 01:46 Now playing - Source: CNN Business Former top official at Twitter speaks out after working with Musk 02:53 Now playing - Source: CNN Watch 'The Monopoly Man' transform into deepfaked Mark Zuckerberg 01:23 Now playing - Source: CNN Twitter HQ trolled as Musk shuts down offices 00:40 Now playing - Source: CNN Hear crypto critic on what Sam Bankman-Fried is really hiding 02:13 Now playing - Source: CNN See Volkswagen's office chair that would make even a 'Star Trek' Captain jealous 01:04 Now playing - Source: CNN Business Airbnb CEO releases pictures of bedroom in his home for rent 02:31 Now playing - Source: CNN See how Apple's $450M emergency SOS service works CNN — The next time you order a meal from Uber Eats, it may be delivered by a robot – at least if you live in Miami.
  • Starting on Thursday, some Miami residents can order their Uber Eats takeout to be delivered via autonomous, sidewalk-trotting robots thanks to a new partnership between the ride-hailing company and robotics firm Cartken.
  • With the new service, customers will be alerted when their food is on the way and then be instructed to meet the remotely-supervised robot on the sidewalk, according to in-app screenshots shared with CNN by Uber.
  • Through these partnerships, Uber may be attempting to shift away from being as reliant on its vast fleet of independent contractors who pick up riders and deliver meals – a business model that has posed legal issues for the company in recent years.

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