UT fan claims win caused her to go into labor

Tennessee fan claims win over Alabama caused her to go into labor

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  • Once the ball cleared the uprights, that nervousness turned into unfathomable joy, but for a woman in Chattanooga it turned out to be the very thing that brought her third child into the world.
  • Jordan Johnson watched the game from her home in Chattanooga, and at 38 weeks pregnant, she began to feel contractions but wasn’t focused on them enough to know what was happening.
  • It didn’t set in until she went to bed that night and the adrenaline from the game wore off, but she knew at that point her daughter was on the way and she was going into labor.
  • At 38 weeks it’s not uncommon to go into labor, but the Chattanooga native firmly believes it was her screaming, jumping, and cheering during the game that induced labor that night.

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