White House and EU reach agreement on trans-Atlantic data sharing

White House and EU reach agreement on trans-Atlantic data sharing

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  • Hear his new song for Arby's Now playing US consumer prices will rise by 7% in 2022, says ratings firm Now playing NASA chief: Moon mission is in preparation for Mars Now playing Jet fuel prices spike to highest level in 2+ years Now playing From fuel to fertilizer: US farmers face 'astronomical' costs Washington CNN Business — The White House has hammered out a new agreement with the EU that could again allow businesses to transfer data and personal information across the Atlantic, a highly-anticipated move that could provide assurance to thousands of companies after Europe’s top court struck down the deal’s predecessor in 2020.
  • The US-EU agreement seeks to ensure that the personal information of EU citizens can be moved to US data centers while maintaining EU-level privacy protections.
  • The 2020 ruling by the European Court of Justice, over concerns that US surveillance laws inadequately protected EU citizens’ rights, threatened to disrupt those data flows.
  • In the wake of that decision, many companies faced difficult choices: Their options were limited to either pulling out of European markets, storing and working with EU data only within the EU, or shifting increasingly to standardized contractual language on data sharing pre-approved by the EU.

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