Moldova should be 'equipped to Nato standard' - UK

Moldova should be equipped to Nato standard, says UK's Truss

May 21, 2022 by BBC News - Home

Key Facts

  • By Christy Cooney & Paul Gribben BBC News Image source, EPA Moldova should be "equipped to Nato standard" to help it guard against the threat of a Russian invasion, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said.
  • It does not share a border with Russia, but is close to some of the regions currently occupied by Russian forces in Ukraine's south.
  • Moldova is not a member of Nato, although it did apply to join the European Union less than two weeks after the invasion of Ukraine.
  • In late April, the Transnistrian authorities said that explosions had targeted their state security HQ in the main city of Tiraspol, Soviet-era radio masts used to broadcast Russian news, and a military unit in a village outsider Tiraspol.

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