Amber Heard's attorneys rest case as civil trial continues

Amber Heard's attorneys rest case as civil trial continues

May 26, 2022 by Entertainment -

Key Facts

  • Hamara's testimony is in contrast to Heard's lawyers claim that her role was scaled back and almost cut completely from the sequel because of public backlash to her abuse allegations against Depp.
  • Wayne Dennison, Depp's attorney's also sought to discredit expert Dr. David Spiegel, who was called by Heard's legal team and said during earlier testimony that he had not personally spoken with or evaluated Depp, but that he had reviewed depositions, medical records, video and other evidence.
  • "And what I think I said was that ... if you're going to do a major thing for a trial that you're involved with, I think you'd be an idiot to come in the night before."
  • 10 shocking moments from Amber Heard's testimony 11:58 7:22 AM / May 24, 2022 HIGHLIGHTS OF DEPP'S TESTIMONY Depp spent several days on the witness stand earlier in the trial, in which he acknowledged drug and alcohol use and sending texts with vulgar language about Heard, but denied the allegations of abuse.

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