Ethiopia unrest: Sudden arrest of 4,000 spells fear in Amhara

Ethiopia unrest: Sudden arrest of 4,000 spells fear in Amhara

May 27, 2022 by BBC News - Africa

Key Facts

  • By Andrew Harding BBC Africa correspondent Image source, AFP Image caption, Local Amhara soldiers and youth militias fear they are being betrayed by the government Ethiopia's government has launched a crackdown against a powerful and increasingly autonomous regional security force, in a bold, and potentially risky move to extend central control over a fractious nation.
  • These new measures by Ethiopia's prime minister are designed to clip the wings of an increasingly strident nationalist movement in Amhara, and come months after a humanitarian ceasefire was declared in the war-torn Tigray region next door.
  • Local Amhara soldiers and youth militias - known as Fano - played a crucial role in supporting Ethiopia's federal army in its 18-month conflict with the neighbouring region of Tigray, and some now fear they're being sidelined, or even betrayed, by the central government.
  • A move by Tigrayan forces to release government troops captured during the 18-month civil war in the northern region has also been condemned by Ethiopian officials as "false information and propaganda", amid enduring concerns that a humanitarian ceasefire in the famine-plagued region is not being properly implemented and could unravel.

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