China's C919 passenger plane enters into service

China's C919 passenger plane enters into service

May 28, 2023 by BBC News - Asia

Key Facts

  • Image source, AFP Image caption, Special red boarding passes were handed out during the first commercial flight of a C919 plane China's first domestically-manufactured large passenger jet has successfully completed its maiden commercial flight.
  • Designed to compete with large jumbo jets from Europe's Airbus and the US airplane maker Boeing, the C919 can carry many more passengers and has a much longer range than its little brother, the ARJ21 - China's first domestic jet, in service since 2016.
  • Comac - which plans to produce 150 planes annually in five years' time - says it has already secured more than 1,200 orders for the C919.
  • President Xi Jinping, who sat in the cockpit of a mock-up C919 a few years ago, has described the project as one of China's most innovative achievements.

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