Newspaper headlines: 'Travel carnage worsens' and PM fuels Tory anger

Newspaper headlines: 'Travel carnage worsens' and PM fuels Tory anger

May 30, 2022 by BBC

Key Facts

  • Image caption, The Daily Express also leads on the travel "carnage", reporting that holidaymakers were left in tears at airports on Monday after queueing for hours, only to be told flights had been cancelled at the last minute.
  • Image source, Alamy Image caption, The i reports that the possibility of a leadership challenge against Prime Minister Boris Johnson is growing by the day as more Conservative MPs call for the PM to resign or face a confidence vote.
  • Image caption, The Guardian also reports on the possibility of a leadership challenges against Boris Johnson, saying that the prime minister's 'lurch to the right' after partygate is fuelling even more anger among rebel Tory MPs.
  • Image caption, The Daily Mail reports that ministers are facing mounting pressure to cut fuel taxes further after the cost of filling a family car with diesel passed £100 for the first time.

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