Teenage girl traumatised after police strip-search, says mum

Teenage girl traumatised after police strip-search, says mum

May 24, 2022 by BBC News - Family & Education

Key Facts

  • Olivia* was handcuffed and had her underwear cut off in the presence of male officers, she added.
  • Olivia - who is mixed race and autistic - was strip-searched in December 2020, the same month as Child Q. Olivia's mum, who we are calling Lisa to protect her daughter's anonymity, said she was given no warning that her child was going to be forcibly strip-searched.
  • Lisa says it was at that point six officers handcuffed Olivia, forcibly stripped her and carried out an intimate search in the presence of male officers.
    • A strip-search must only be carried on suspicion of drug or weapon concealment An appropriate adult must be present unless the child indicates otherwise The child's parent or guardian must be informed beforehand Police should obtain permission from their supervisor to carry out the strip-search The strip-search must be undertaken and overseen by same-sex police officers only The Met's Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said a force investigation was looking into how appropriate the search was and how it was conducted.

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