Ukraine: Vegan refugee struggling to find a home

Ukraine: Vegan refugee struggling to find a home

May 28, 2022 by BBC

Key Facts

  • By Lola Mayor BBC News Image source, Oksana Image caption, Oksana Kopanitsyna says she is looking for a home, but wants it to respect her beliefs A woman who fled Ukraine has said she feels "isolated" after failing to find a vegan-friendly host.
  • Now living in a bed and breakfast in Ystrad Mynach, Caerphilly county, she said her beliefs were being tested as she looks for her own place to live.
  • Oksana wants to work and rent her own home, but while waiting for a bank account and job responses, she said she had no choice but to live in the accommodation provided for her.
  • Media caption, Refugees say they have received offers for rooms in exchange for sex She said Caerphilly council had been "so helpful" and were trying to find her a family to suit her needs but said she knows it comes last due to the number of people looking for a host family.

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