Valencia CEO fired over audio leak controversy

Valencia CEO fired over audio leak controversy

May 30, 2022 by - SOCCER

Key Facts

  • Get instant access Valencia initially accused the newspaper of running a "smear campaign" after it published audio of Murthy describing Liverpool and Newcastle as "s--t" cities while also threatening to "kill" the reputation of midfielder Carlos Soler if he left the club on a free transfer next season.
  • Valencia said on Monday the content of the leaked recordings has negatively impacted the club's relationship with their fans, adding that the opinions expressed in those extracts were not the views held by club but of Murthy.
  • "The board hold the view that a change in leadership is required, in order to regain the trust of the fans and the community," the club said in a statement.
  • Valencia fans staged a walkout of their final La Liga game of the season against Celta Vigo earlier this month to protest owner Peter Lim and Murthy's running of the club, with only 5,000 supporters showing up at the stadium.

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