Judge denies NFL's motion to toss Gruden suit

Judge denies NFL's motion to toss Gruden suit

May 25, 2022 by ESPN

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  • 7:30 PM UTC Paul GutierrezESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Oakland Raiders for CSNBayArea.com and Sacramento Bee for eight years Member of Pro Football Writers Association Previously worked at Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Review-Journal and Sports Illustrated LAS VEGAS -- A Nevada judge ruled in favor of former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden on two motions Wednesday, opening the possibility of a jury trial on his "tortious interference" claim that the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell selectively leaked Gruden's emails to force his removal on Oct. 11.
  • The Court's denial of our motion to dismiss is not a determination on the merits of Coach Gruden's lawsuit, which, as we have said from the outset, lacks a basis in law and fact and proceeds from a false premise -- neither the NFL nor the Commissioner leaked Coach Gruden's offensive emails."
  • While the NFL argued that arbitration was necessary because of his contract with the Raiders, Gruden's legal team countered that after resigning as coach and taking a settlement from the Raiders, he was no longer a league employee and, therefore, no longer bound to arbitration.
  • Gruden's suit alleges that the NFL leaked his emails, which had been in the league's possession since June 2021, to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times in October in an effort to "harm Gruden's reputation and force him out of his job," Hosmer-Henner said in a November statement.

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