Microsoft to slow hiring in Windows, Office, Teams groups

Microsoft to slow hiring in Windows, Office, Teams groups

May 26, 2022 by Fortune

Key Facts

  • Microsoft Corp. will slow hiring in its Windows, Office and Teams chat and conferencing software groups, citing a need to realign staffing priorities as it approaches a new fiscal year in a time of global economic uncertainty.
  • The slowdown is not companywide, and overall the software maker will continue to hire, the spokesperson said, noting that such caution is typical in periods of economic volatility.
  • “As Microsoft gets ready for the new fiscal year, it is making sure the right resources are aligned to the right opportunity,” the company said in a statement.
  • Chipmaker Nvidia Corp. said Wednesday it expects to decelerate hiring in the second half of fiscal 2023, and companies such as Meta Platforms Inc., Snap Inc. and Salesforce Inc. have taken similar steps.

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