Osaka talks before French Open: 'I think I'm OK'

Osaka talks before French Open: 'I think I'm OK'

May 20, 2022 by ESPN

Key Facts

  • All of which seemed to confirm this assessment that she offered during an 18-minute pre-tournament French Open news conference, one year after she declared she would avoid talking to reporters and then withdrew before the second round: "For the most part, I think I'm OK."
  • Osaka used those words at the end of a lengthy and thoughtful reply about what it was like to come back to a place where her last trip was so much more about her well-being and off-court mindset than her tennis.
  • I was just kind of worried if there would be people that -- of course, I also didn't like how I handled the situation -- but I was worried that there were people that I offended some way and I would just kind of bump into them," Osaka said, her eyes darting around the room, her words separated by the occasional pause.
  • Before the 2021 French Open, Osaka vowed to not "do any press during Roland Garros," framing the matter as a mental health issue and saying it can create self-doubt to have to answer questions after a loss.

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