Ukraine war: World faces 'dark hour', Biden tells Quad Summit

Ukraine war: World faces 'dark hour', Biden tells Quad Summit

May 24, 2022 by BBC News - Asia

Key Facts

  • By Zubaidah Abdul Jalil & Tessa Wong BBC News Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Mr Biden made his comments a day after he warned China over the Taiwan issue The world is "navigating a dark hour in our shared history" with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden told key Asian allies.
  • Mr Biden was meeting the leaders of Japan, Australia and India in Tokyo in his first visit to Asia as president.
  • Mr Biden's comments came a day after he warned China that it was "flirting with danger" over Taiwan, and vowed to protect Taiwan militarily if China attacked, appearing to contradict a long-standing US policy on the issue.
  • There was also no direct reference to China or its activities, but the Quad nations announced a new maritime monitoring initiative that is expected to step up surveillance of Chinese activity in the region, along with a plan to spend at least $50bn (£40bn) on infrastructure projects and investment over the next five years.

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