Cultra beach find: 'Dad I just picked up a grenade. Is it real?'

Cultra beach find: 'Dad I just picked up a grenade. Is it real?'

May 30, 2022 by BBC

Key Facts

  • Cole Chapman was with a young friend on Cultra beach on Saturday when they spotted the live World War One-era weapon and picked it up in their hands.
  • Cole then made a video call to his father, asking: "Dad, is this real?" His shocked father advised him to put it down very gently, move far away from the device and call the police.
  • Image source, Police Ards & North Down / Facebook Image caption, The Army confirmed the device was a "Mills Bomb" grenade used in World War One "I don't really remember the journey down there to be honest, but as soon as I arrived, the boys were at a safe distance," Mrs Chapman told the BBC.
  • "It was afterwards when we got home and I realised - the ATO had explained just how viable a device it actually was - that you sort of think had he touched it any farther or pulled the pin, touched the pin or anything like that, what actually could have happened to him."

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