Lorry driver convicted over fatal crash near Creetown

Lorry driver convicted over fatal crash near Creetown

May 27, 2022 by BBC News - Scotland

Key Facts

  • Image source, Police Scotland Image caption, Alan Neill was towing 12 dogs in a trailer when the fatal crash happened A lorry driver who caused the death of a dog trainer after falling asleep at the wheel has been described in court as an "accident waiting to happen".
  • Michael Wilson, 28, of Craigavon in Northern Ireland, was said to have caused "absolute carnage" on the A75 near Creetown.
  • Jurors were told that Wilson was still so sleepy after the incident in Dumfries and Galloway that police officers had to wake him up a number of times in their car.
  • On the morning of the incident, Wilson was said to have been speeding and had tail-gated another motorist while "showing signs of fatigue".

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