China's Xi to meet Putin in Moscow next week

China's Xi to meet Putin in Moscow next week

Mar 17, 2023 by BBC News - Asia

Key Facts

  • The visit comes as Beijing, an ally of Russia, has offered proposals to end the war in Ukraine, to which the West has given a lukewarm reception.
  • Up until now China has not supplied Russia with lethal aid to help it win the war in Ukraine, though the US claims China is considering doing so.
  • However some argue that its stated neutrality is a sham and it is in Beijing's geopolitical interests for the war to continue because Russia is doing its dirty work - taking on the West and eating up Western resources and money.
  • The message, Mr Kuleba said, was "that China and Russia are very close, close enough for the Chinese leader to visit his Russian counterpart, who is not doing very well.

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