The inspiration behind a Borders common ridings board game

The inspiration behind a Borders common ridings board game

Sep 17, 2023 by BBC News - Scotland

Key Facts

  • Image source, Dougie Johnston Image caption, Every town in the Scottish Borders, such as Lauder, celebrates its history with a summer festival A former festival flower girl has created a new strategy board game based on her beloved Borders common ridings.
  • "I was already wanting to create a board game, and eventually arrived at the idea of the common riding festivals being a ritual where you retrace your steps around the border of your community.
  • Image source, DougieJohnston Image caption, Border Riding is based on festivals, like Selkirk Common Riding, that are celebrated throughout the summer Border Riding players map the story of their new community by creating rituals, landmarks, traditions and boundaries.
  • Image caption, Jo Reid has based the mapping game on her native Scottish Borders festivals Printed in the format of a large hiker's map, Border Riding was launched in Edinburgh on Friday.

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