Birth control pills could soon be over the counter. What's next?

Birth control pills could soon be over the counter. What's next?

Jul 13, 2023 by Health Care - Politico

Key Facts

  • Thursday’s announcement by the FDA also prompted several questions about how accessible the drug will be and whether the decision could become tied up in courts, delaying or limiting the decision’s effect.
  • | Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images Five questions on coverage of the new birth control drug The FDA’s decision to approve Opill, the country’s first over-the-counter birth control pill, was quickly cheered by reproductive-rights advocates who believe it will dramatically expand access to birth control.
  • A pharmacy in one of those states can submit the dummy number in place of a prescriber to get coverage for an emergency contraceptive such as the Plan B pill, according to the think tank KFF.
  • Opill’s manufacturer has not yet revealed how much the drug will cost at point of sale without insurance coverage, though it said in a statement that it will be “accessible and affordable to women and people of all ages.”

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