Antarctic sea-ice at 'mind-blowing' low alarms experts

Antarctic sea-ice at 'mind-blowing' low alarms experts

Sep 16, 2023 by BBC News - World

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  • Image source, Dr Robbie Mallet Image caption, A scientist on the ice in Antarctica By Georgina Rannard, Becky Dale and Erwan Rivault BBC News Climate & Science and Data Journalism Team The sea-ice surrounding Antarctica is well below any previous recorded winter level, satellite data shows, a worrying new benchmark for a region that once seemed resistant to global warming.
  • The ice that floats on the Antarctic Ocean's surface now measures less than 17 million sq km - that is 1.5 million sq km of sea-ice less than the September average, and well below previous winter record lows.
  • Dr Meier is not optimistic that the sea-ice will recover to a significant degree.
  • Image source, Dr Robbie Mallet Image caption, Very thin sea-ice in the foreground - this is a type of sea-ice called "nilas" that forms in very low wind conditions Sea-ice forms in the continent's winter (March to October) before largely melting in summer, and is part of an interconnected system that also consists of icebergs, land ice and huge ice shelves - floating extensions of land ice jutting out from the coast.

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