A big law giant is running background checks on job applicants who attended anti-Israel demonstrations

Sullivan & Cromwell will scan new hires for anti-Israel protest activities

Jul 10, 2024 by Fortune

Key Facts

  • Sullivan & Cromwell, whose recent clients include Amazon, BP, and Goldman Sachs, has employed background check company HireRight to root out job applicants who have participated in recent anti-Israel demonstrations on campuses, according to a recent report from the New York Times.
  • Under the new policy, applicants who have taken part in antisemitic protests, or in demonstrations in which phrases that might be “triggering” to Jews have been uttered, could potentially be disqualified, according to Joseph Shenker, a senior chair at the firm.
  • He also said that the screenings wouldn’t have been necessary if schools had done more from the outset to protect Jewish students and clamp down on anti-semitic demonstrations.
  • “You expect law firms to understand that if we’re going to have a profession filled with smart, independent-minded people who are fierce advocates, many of them are going to speak out against the genocide,” Abbas said.

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