Dialpad Brings Ai at Work to the World’s Biggest Advertising Stage

Dialpad Brings Ai at Work to the World’s Biggest Advertising Stage

Feb 06, 2023 by Businesswire

Key Facts

  • Dialpad, Inc., the leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform that is changing the way the world works together, is taking viewers back in time and into the future in mere seconds on February 12 with its debut Big Game ad “The Good Ai” featuring 42 (yes, 42!) Ai references of past and present.
  • The ad, produced by Hybrid Productions, pays homage to the most pivotal moments in Ai history and speaks to what’s to come as Ai powers the future of work.
  • “‘The Good Ai’ captures the world’s fascination with Ai and the journey we’ve all been on as it has evolved throughout our lifetimes.

  • And it has now reached the workplace in a bigger way than it ever has before” > > Tweet this Ai at work is Dialpad’s home turf – the company is at the forefront of Ai-powered meeting transcriptions, call coaching, and actionable insights, and today helps more than 30,000 customers with employees across every department – from sales, customer service, and marketing – adapt and thrive in this hybrid work-from-anywhere world.

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