Energy Vault Joins the Russell 2000® Index

Energy Vault Joins the Russell 2000® Index

Jun 27, 2022 by Business Wire Energy News

Key Facts

  • “Our inclusion in the Russell 2000® marks another important milestone for Energy Vault during this transformative year for the company, giving us a greater opportunity to increase our exposure to the broader investment community, and expand awareness for our mission of accelerating the decarbonization of our planet.”
  • For more information on the Russell 3000® Index and the Russell indexes reconstitution, go to the “Russell Reconstitution” section on the FTSE Russell website.
  • FTSE Russell calculates thousands of indexes that measure and benchmark markets and asset classes in more than 70 countries, covering 98% of the investable market globally.
  • FTSE Russell is also focused on index innovation and customer partnerships as it seeks to enhance the breadth, depth and reach of its offering.

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