Mobile phone inventor made first call 50 years ago

Mobile phone inventor made first call 50 years ago

Apr 03, 2023 by BBC News - Technology

Key Facts

  • Image caption, Marty Cooper, with the phone he used to make the first mobile call On 3 April 1973, Marty Cooper stood on a corner of Sixth Avenue in New York and took a phone book from his pocket.
  • So we had been trapped in our homes and offices by this copper wire for over 100 years - and now they were going to trap us in our cars!" Image caption, A commercial version of the Motorola phone, first used by Mr Cooper, is owned by the Mobile Phone Museum.
  • Needless to say, Mr Cooper and Motorola did not agree this was the way forward - and history has proved them right.
  • You take a piece of plastic and glass that's flat - and you put it against the curve of your head; you hold your hand in an uncomfortable position; when you want to do these wonderful things that it can do, you have to get an app [first].

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