Injured chimpanzee returns to enclosure after fatal zoo fight

Edinburgh Zoo: Injured chimpanzee returns to enclosure after fatal fight

Jul 10, 2024 by BBC News - Scotland

Key Facts

                      • Just now By Angie Brown, BBC Scotland, Edinburgh and East reporter Edinburgh Zoo Qafzeh was badly injured during a fight at Edinburgh Zoo that left another chimpanzee dead.
  • A chimpanzee badly injured in a fatal troop fight at Edinburgh Zoo has been reintroduced to the enclosure to maintain social bonds.
  • Edinburgh Zoo said chimpanzee group dynamics were "incredibly complex" and fighting in a group was normal behaviour.
  • Edinburgh Zoo Rene was severely injured and died in the fight at Edinburgh Zoo A zoo spokeswoman told BBC Scotland: "It was important to introduce Qafzeh back into the group as soon as he was well in order to maintain bonds."

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