Ukraine war: Inside the recaptured city of Izyum

Ukraine war: Inside the recaptured city of Izyum

Sep 15, 2022 by BBC News - World

Key Facts

  • By Orla Guerin BBC News, Izyum, Ukraine Image caption, Ukrainian soldiers planted a Ukrainian flag on a captured Russian tank On Monday, President Zelensky raised the Ukrainian flag in the recently-liberated city of Izyum.
  • Just inside the city another abandoned tank sits in the middle of the road - like a monument to Russia's defeat.
  • Image caption, People had been huddled in the centre of the building to keep warm when an airstrike hit Larissa says they left at the beginning of the war and are happy to be back.
  • Across the road from the damaged city council building, a few dozen people stand in a quiet queue in the afternoon rain waiting for aid, including jars of pickles, dried goods and bottled water.

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