Amputee lion makes record-breaking swim across croc-infested waters

Amputee lion who survived being gored and attempted poachings makes record-breaking swim across predator-infested waters

Jul 10, 2024 by World -

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  • Updated on: July 10, 2024 / 3:02 PM EDT / CBS News Lions on patrol in South Africa turning heads Lions on patrol in South Africa turning heads 00:39 At just 10 years old, a lion named Jacob has survived being gored, his family being poisoned for body parts and an attempted poaching that left him an amputee.
  • But now, the animal known as "Africa's most resilient lion" has broken an incredible record alongside his brother by swimming across crocodile- and hippo-infested waters known to be deadly for their species.
  • Alex Braczkowski Most lions who attempt to cross that channel only make it between 10 and a couple hundred meters in, as the waterway is filled with predators.
  • Alexander Braczkowski, a researcher from Griffith's Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security, said that it's likely that the search for females is what drove the lions to make the dangerous journey.

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