Colts' Richardson reports concussion, in protocol

Colts' Richardson reports concussion, in protocol

Sep 18, 2023 by ESPN

Key Facts

  • It was a justified celebration, too, as Richardson had reached the end zone for the second time after capping the Colts' previous drive with an 18-yard touchdown on a draw play that led to an easy score.
  • "'I'm not going to help my team win, so let's put someone in there who can help us win and I'll come back.' So, I think that was a very mature, professional thing, because the last thing you want is someone to play through something like that and then it gets worse and then you're talking about who knows what.
  • Richardson was pulled in the final moments of the Colts' Week 1 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars after taking a shot to his knee.
  • A big, physical quarterback who embraces contact, Richardson is trying to toe a fine line between tapping into his best skills and playing it safe given his status as the No. 4 draft pick and the future of the Colts' franchise.

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